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Honey's Story

     Honey was an All American Bulldog.  She became a Fur and Tails rescue as a result of severe abuse.  She was in desperate need of care and partially blind due to chemicals being splashed into her eyes by an abusive owner.  When she arrived,  her eyes were swollen shut, beyond recognition.   After an emergency vet visit she responded to the treatment, prescribed medications and intense dosages of tender, loving, care from the Fur and Tails staff!  

     After several visits to the veterinarian, it is believed that she was from a puppy mill environment. She needed to be spayed and had signs of leg and hip problems as well as ongoing eye and ear issues due to the chemical damage.   

      Honey crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 2, 2023. She out lived the average life expectancy for her breed.  Her last years were filled with lots of love, physical comfort and healthy food. We’ll miss you old girl! 

     With your help and donations, Fur and Tails Animal Rescue can continue to be able to give her and others animals the medical care they need. Please consider donating or being a sponsor for other sanctuary pets in memory of Honey. 

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