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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where do I find animals to adopt? 
    • I already completed an application, but was not selected- do I need to complete another application for a new animal?
      • Yes, unfortunately home situations change and each prospective adopter will need to complete an application for each animal you are interested in. 
      • We are unable to keep waiting lists etc. due to the number of prospective owners.
    • Why are the adoption fees different? Do you have a set fee?
      • Our Rescue operates on personal donations only, with about 5% of our operating budget coming from public grants.  Adoption fees are set to cover the costs of the animal care, vaccinations, heartworm preventative/treatment, medical needs and spay or neuter, and transport.  
      •  We sometimes average the adoption fees to provide much needed care for other animals in need. 
      • Most Adoption Fees are listed on Petfinder.
    • What is a Foster To Adopt?
      • Foster to Adopt is a pet status, where the pet is placed in an approved home for temporary care in preparation for full ownership. The Foster completes the Volunteer/ Foster application with the waiver is reviewed, then approved.   Fur and Tails Animal Rescue continues ownership and responsibility for the animal,  while the prospective adopter cares for the animal.  This is an excellent solution for animals that need to acclimate to new situations and families.  When the time comes, the adopter completes the adoption contract and the animal ownership passes to the new owners.  Fur and Tails Animal Rescue maintains ownership of the animal during foster situations. 
      • All medical care must be coordinated with Fur and Tails Animal Rescue and performed at approved veterinary partners and must not be managed by the foster.   Routine medical care that is received without approval from Fur and Tails Animal Rescue will not be reimbursed.  Emergency care will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  
    • What is the adoption process?
      • All adoptions start with the completion of the adoption application.  You will be notified by telephone call or text message IF your application moves to the next step.  Please remember that all applications are not automatically approved.   Applications are processed in the order they are received. Our team considers each applicant and makes final adoption decisions based on the best home situation and outcome for the animal.  The needs of the animal are our primary concern.  
      • Pet adoptions consist of the following steps:  
          1. Completion of the Adoption Application
          2. Review of the application by the adoption board
          3. Telephone interview
          4. Meet and greet with  the prospective pet
          5. In home visit * due to Covid-19, in home visits are suspended. Photographs of the home will be required
          6. Approved Adoption phone call.
          7. In home trial or Foster to Adopt status
          8. Completion of the Adoption Contract
    • Is a fenced yard required for adoption
      • Fences are not required for every adoption, however there may be times where a pet must got to a home with a fence based on it's needs. 
    • How can I help?
  • Where do I donate?  
  • Can I be a foster or volunteer?
  • Do you board animals?
    • No, we do not board animals.
  • What kind of animals can I adopt?
    • Our primary focus is canines in need, however, we do our best to provide help to any animal.  We work closely with other recuse to determine the best fit for an animal in need. 
  • What are Sanctuary Animals?
    • Sanctuary Animals are pets or farm animals that may have medical, physical or emotional concerns that make them un acceptable for family pets.  These animals can be injured and require special medical attention before adoption, be unsocialized or be a senior animal living out it's best years at our facility. Sanctuary animals may be sponsored.
  • I need help re-homing my animal, what do I do?
    • Please use the following resources for rehoming a pet.  Be cautious and carefully review each prospective owner.  Rehomed animals are commonly used for bait dogs or kittens and puppies can be used for reptile feed. 

    •  Place a rehome add at  Adopt A Pet     (a service provided by Purina, Purina also provides PetFinder, which is our preferred online rescue adoption listing service)

    •  Rehome at RescueMe

    • Please send an email to  If we have space and feel that the animal can be adopted out of our rescue you will be contacted and directed to the next steps. 

      • Rehoming animals requires the completion of an Animal Surrender form- the link to the form will be sent to you if we can accept the animal.
        • Surrendering an animal is a final action.  
        • A Surrender fee may be required. 
        • If you change your mind and want your animal back you will be required to complete an adoption application and possibly pay an adoption fee/donation.
      • Animals that are up to date on their routine vaccinations and that are healthy have the best chance of being rehomed.  We will need a complete biography about the animal, which should include it's temperament, health concerns, vaccination status, certification that it has not bitten anyone recently, current food, special toy and how it spends the day. etc. Great photographs will help us in find a new home for the pet. 
  • I know of an animal that needs help, what do I do?
  • Can I donate using Amazon Smile?
  • Do you take PayPal?
    • Yes!  PayPal  is a preferred donation route as there is not a delay in receiving the much needed funds to care for the animals in need.
  • What is a Sponsor?  How can I be one?
    • Most Sponsors have the monetary means to support a rescue animal but are unable to foster or volunteer.  Sponsors cover the costs of most medical needs as well as ongoing care, such as heartworm medications. 
    • Please send an email to if you are interested in sponsoring an animal or sponsoring an adoption fee. 
  • What are options for low cost animal care and food?
  • Do you focus on specific breeds of animals?
    • We are not a breed specific rescue.  Mixed breeds and Pure breeds are welcome at our facility. 
  • Can I come to your location to meet the animals?
  • Are you a not for profit? Can I deduct my donations?
    • Yes, Fur and Tails Animal Rescue is a 501 C 3 charity, and registered with the State of Florida. 
    • Donations may be deductible, please check with your tax advisor for more information.
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