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Texas Border Dog Story

Updates about the rescue and progress of the 4 Texas Border Dogs

Alpha- Charlie, Mama, Patriot-Pogo and Gibbs-Justice

 Rescue Partner with Brendon Leslie


November 15, 2022

Alpha-Charlie on his way home from his Cancer Surgery!  He's doing well and we're looking forward to an easy 5 weeks of his treatments!  There's a good chance he'll be cancer free by Christmas!  Then he'll be ready to be adopted. He's such  a good boy, he deserves a family of his own!

October 15.2022

Congratulations to Pogo/Patriot and the Britz Family!  Happy Gotcha Day!

October 13, 2022 After Surgery

Gibbs/Justice is back from surgery… he’s so handsome! And now pain free! Such a good boy too!  His eye removal surgery was successful.. we are so glad he's not going to be in pain from his eye injury!

October 13- before surgery

Gibbs-Justice is headed to see Dr. Z for his eye removal surgery today... He's all clean, bathed and ready to go for his big day!  

October 13- After Surgery

Gibbs-Justice is home from his neuter and tail removal surgery.  His treatment was delayed yesterday due to too many emergencies at the vet. The blood work was satisfactory, so they continued with his treatment plan.  Next up, eye removal!  He's a good boy and ready for a long nap tonight!

October 13- Before Surgery

Gibbs-Justice is headed to the vet for blood work and if that's ok, he'll have his partial tail amputation and neuter surgery today!  

September 11, Mama Update

As you can see, Mama is  improved greatly after her surgery! No Transfusions were needed and her blood work continues to improve.   She is already home with us recovering from her emergency spay.  She loved her caregivers and thanked them with kisses! What a sweet but tough as nails girl!   Thanks to all who've donated towards her care!

September 08-Mama

!Please help Mama!  She currently in animal ER, recovering from an emergency spay due to an infection.  Probable Pyometra and anaplasmosis.  She's being monitored and if her red blood cells do not increase, she'll need one or more transfusions.  The good news is that they've seen a small increase each time it's tested.  We know her expenses are growing so if any of you can help with a donation, that would be greatly appreciated!

Border Dogs Day One at Fur and Tails Animal Rescue 

September 5, 2022

Well, Yesterday was a long hard day!  We discovered maggots, fleas, ticks, hotspots, tapeworms and who know what other kind of parasites that are not visible.   They were pampered with baths and lots of love!  And did extremely well during grooming sessions!  They are absolutely loving their soft, clean beds, and being out of the humidity.  Each one went into their new space willingly.  They crawled in the beds and laid down like they were in heaven!  It was wonderful to see them clean, safe and relaxed.   They are truly being pampered and evaluated.  Two are started on antibiotics and all were treated for fleas and ticks.  They are so happy to be clean and free of pests.  It took four of us a full 7 hours to wash, groom and treat all of them.  They are precious. loving and grateful pups with no pain or loneliness in their futures.  Just wait, over the next few weeks,  we can't wait to see their transformations!  Love is the answer, Let's hope they are heart worm negative!

 You can follow their previous history on Brendon Leslie's Facebook feed Here:

*  As a note, Political views of partners are not necessarily the views of Fur and Tails Animal Rescue, their sponsors, volunteers or board members.    Saving Animals is our goal.  

All donations received are to be considered non restricted funding, and will be used care and treatment for all animals. 

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