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Farm Animals at Fur and Tails Farm



Wilbur is a farm hog found on a dirt road.   He's been at Fur and Tails for 2  years.  His favorite past time is rearranging his pen and eating milk soaked day old bread as a treat.  He also loves to be scratched behind his ears.

Whiskey and Baby Blue


Whiskey and Baby Blue are Father and Son.  They've been at Fur and Tails for a while.  They enjoy their paddocks and stalls.  Volunteer Tim is their best friend. 

Pistol and Annie

Miniature Pigs

These sisters have been at Fur and Tails since they were babies.  They are quite tame and will follow you everywhere- Just don't try to pick them up unless you've got ear plugs!



 Lena is a resident, who keeps Whiskey and Baby Blue in line.  She's definitely the alpha female of the group.  Her favorite thing to do is stand in the cool water of the pond. 

Donate or Sponsor a Farm Animal

Please consider donating or sponsoring one of our farm animals!  

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